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27 | 06 | 2017
Institutional Presentation
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4. General Objectives of the GSP -CSD

The general objectives of the Graduate Studies Program in Sustainable Development of the CSD are:
4.1. To contribute to the debate and to the interdisciplinary scientific practice in order to stimulate the advance of knowledge on the relationships between environment and development;
4.2. To capacitate qualified human resources, which are capable of developing theoretical and empirical knowledge and apply their competency to contribute to the handling of the challenges of sustainable development and to the decision-making in socioeconomic development, environment and science and technology public policies;
4.3. To adopt and promote principles and values focused on the ethics of sustainability by means of organic processes of interdisciplinary integration, therefore confirming the compromise between the academia and society;
4.4. To be an academic space (working in an integrated manner in teaching, research and extension), that generates critical reflection, builds ideas and intervenes in reality, based on the dialogue among different knowledge and perspectives of sustainability in its multiple and complex dimensions.

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